Medical Outfitter Training Consultants, LLC’s (MOTC) started in May 2006 with a mission is to provide superior quality standard and customized training programs to local, state and federal government agencies and safety and health training courses for various private corporations, including schools, doctor’s offices and hospitals.

MOTC has a performance-proven team of experienced and highly trained instructors who specialize in teaching tactics, medicine and HAZMAT identification and management. Our instructors are prior military Special Forces, law enforcement officers, certified HAZMAT specialist, SWAT medics, firefighters and paramedics. MOTC handpicks subject matter experts and tailors courses to meet the client’s needs and has trained thousands of individuals both CONUS and OCONUS, with proven results.

MOTC currently provides medical control for the Drug Enforcement
Administration’s (DEA) EMT program through the Office of Training in Quantico, VA. MOTC manages and maintains EMT certifications for approximately 156 agents and provides training, educational and operational support to them worldwide. In addition to the EMT program in Quantico, VA, MOTC provides Tactical First Responder courses to all DEA agents in the field. MOTC has traveled to approximately 11 division offices throughout the world, and trained over 1,100 field agents.